Tuesday, December 15, 2009


As I mentioned in the earlier post, we went to the Marina Barrage on Friday (11th Dec).  It was almost noon when we got there cos we woke up late ;) heh heh.  Enjoy the photos!

Harith driving brother's car.  Jonathan's favourite road ... the East Coast Expressway where he can see the skyscrapers.

 Drove by the Singapore Flyer.  Jonathan says he wants to go for a ride.  That will be our future excursion!

 Finally arrived at the Brarage

First walk ... along the bridge ... though we didn't walk to the end





Then off we go up to the roof garden (if that's what they call it ... haha.)  It's just a rooftop field actually.

 Asked Harith to do the pushing.  The "hardly exercise me" didn't have the stamina LOL!

Here we are at the rooftop

Making sure Jonathan catches the view from where we are


 The field ... the day was sunny but very very windy.  Loved it!



A view from the top

 And back down we go

 Harith had the camera.  He took a whole lot of scenery that I didn't upload but got us in this picture.  I like this ... us being at the side heh heh

 A trip to the Esplanade finished our outing that day.

 And it would not be complete if we didn't stop by the Media Library @ the Esplanade.

Got tired of waiting and decided to kick off his sandal..haha!

Jonathan enjoyed the outing that day.  The tiring part was him having to sit with me in the car.  When we are in a cab, we take turns to carry him.  But it's worth while as long as Jonathan enjoys himself.  I must say he did really good.  Praise the Lord!

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