Friday, December 18, 2009


Jonathan and I went for a stroll this evening after dinner with Harith.  He had to go get some stuff from Tampines Central and I didn't want to go.  But Jonathan wanted to take a stroll so off we went.

Heard some singing coming from Living Hope Methodist Church that is just one block (of flats) from where we stay.  One block meaning about 200 meters away only :)

As we got closer, the singing became louder.  The group was practising at the lobby of the church facing the road so their voices were echoed off from a block of flats facing the church and it was quite loud.

We were actually on the ground pavement below the staircase earlier.  The only spectator standing there watching them sing but a young boy on bicycle was hiding in one corner.  Struck up a conversation and found out that his mom and sister are singing there.  They are practising to perform at an old folks home.  They sang a mixture of Christmas carols in english and chinese.

I miss carolling.  When we were younger, we used to go carolling with the church on Christmas eve till early hours of the morning, ending about 3am.

It was a nice night stroll ... windy and cool ... and hearing the carols were nice :)

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Mustardseed Mum said...

I miss those days of carolling too! Fond memories...4 part harmonies, fun on the bus, and confetti that stayed in your hair for days. :)