Monday, December 28, 2009


Jonathan had his feeding button changed this afternoon.  The registrar had a hard time pulling it out from his tummy and the tugging and pulling didn't do justice to Jonathan who was cringing his face the whole time while the nurse was holding his legs really tight and me holding his hands and kept saying "you're so brave darling!"

Sounds like a torture.  It certainly was because after pulling the button out, the doctor had a hard time putting the new one in.  Probably because he had so much gel on his fingers and the button kept slipping off from the applicator.  I was feeling the pain in my own stomach just watching him do it.

Last year when he had it changed, the lady registrar was more gentle and she was quick with the change.  Today, the indian gentleman doctor was a little rough.  Cos when I turned to see that he was trying to pull the button out, he didn't place the applicator properly when there was a "plop" sound as the button came out.  I guess I should give him a benefit of a doubt.  The applicator may have slipped from it's original position.

I'm just glad I was with Jonathan the whole time.  The nurse suggested I leave the room earlier cos she thought I wouldn't be able to take the sight of blood.  No way am I going to leave Jonathan there with them alone!

Once the button was in, Jonathan said the pain was "no more".  Gave him milk before we came home, but then he started to feel unwell.  Probably cos of the anxious and nervous afternoon kind of stirred his stomach juice.  But at least now he's better.

When the cap stopper broke, I actually thought of using superglue to glue it back but Harith didn't want me to do that ... haha...Just trying to be innovative.  Then I used the tube head but realised that even if I inserted one end of the head into the button hole, the other opening will allow water to leak out.  Somehow, the nurse also showed me the same method.  She said we just need to find a way to seal off one side.  So this is one way we can save money for as long as possible.

Now whenever Jonathan starts putting his hands on his tummy to try and pull the button I will remind him about today and he will move his hand away.  Hopefull he will remember and stop pulling on his button.

My friend May told me about HOJO tape.  maybe I will try that to secure the cap down so this little prince will not yank it open again.

So another S$227 spent for the button.  Seems like there has been a quality control check on the BARD button earlier and production was stopped for a few months.  I think the button quality was not up to par.  The doctor even told me that there has been caps breaking off lately.  This new BARD button looks sturdier.  Hopefully it will last more than 13 months.

The things that our children with special needs have to go through :(

But they are a strong bunch of kids :)

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