Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We were at the City Square Mall yesterday morning.  A brand new mall near Serangoon and the first ECO-friendly mall in Singapore.  Very spacious and Jonathan likes it that way.  Loads of space to walk and you don't bump into other people.  But then again, we were there Monday morning so the crowd hasn't gathered.

The HUGE mistake I made was not bringing his milk feed.  Thinking that we will be back by 1.30pm, I decided that it's not necessary.  I was wrong and regretted it.

It's always like this with me.  You think that after 12 years of caring for Jonathan, I would at least have the "brains" to bring a milk feed for the just-in-case-we-run-late.  NOT!

He was ok on the return trip home.  But towards late afternoon, the retching started.  I guess it was the tummy that got windy and it just didn't sit well even though I gave him milk.  So this stretched on till around 6am.  His on and off sleep, the retching got so intense at 5am.  But by 6.30, he was beginning to show signs of recovery.  Thank God I cooked some porridge for storage and gave him the porridge water and after changing his diaper, both of us fell into a deep sleep only to wake up at 11am with him soaking wet from top to toe in urine because I didnt wake up to change his diaper.  I'm surprise he was still able to sleep while the wetness creeped into his pajamas.  That shows how tired he was!  Gave him a really warm shower which did him some good cos he was chilly in the wet clothes.

I'm thankful he's ok now.  Tired from last night's episode but at least he's smiling and happy.  We'll be taking a nap soon.  "WE ' LL" ... yes ... him and me :)


May said...

I guess cos we feed on schedule the stomach learns to expect a feed at a certain time. Vera gets windy too if we're late for a feed.

Hope you'll be more "kiasu" next time!

Serene Ho said...

haahaha! Thanks May! that's a good way of putting it. Yup I will be more kiasu! Whether it's a shopping mall nearby or not. Thanks!

Wishful Thinking said...

I know how you feel! I feel really stupid if I've forgotten to bring something the kids that I know I shouldn't have forgotten! Glad he's okay now though.
Hugs to you :)