Friday, December 11, 2009


The shop owner ran out of space on this decorated board.  :)

My brother loaned us his car while he and family are on holiday.  We went to the airport on Wednesday {9th dec} night for a stroll.  First we took a cab to my brother's to pick up the car.  Jonathan thought we were there for a visit.  But when we parked ourselves next to the car, he looked at me and then at the car.  Got all excited when I picked him up.  He was chatting non-stop to and from the airport :) 

The whole night's excitement kept him awake right up 2am!

But it was a nice treat.  We woke up late Thursday morning and
went to Compass Point mall for a stroll.

Came back and had to finish up a batch of tshirts but was delayed because the vinyl wasn't cutting properly.  The dark blue vinyl seems to be thicker than the other colors ... which I thought odd.

I increased the depth of the blade but after cutting, it was still difficult to peel.  Sort of like the vinyl has a self-healing property LOL! took me hours just to get that done ... right into Thursday night and when Jonathan woke up at 4am looking for me, I had to stay be his side and resorted to this:

Yup ... I had to use the flashlight.  Didn't want to turn on the bedside lamp cos it might wake the little prince.
My handphone camera had a built-in light.  I actually had to work like this:

It was that dark! LOL.  But I finally finished them at 5am :)  When to sleep around 6am and as usual, we woke up late again but we brought Jonathan to the Marina Barrage today.  More pictures later!

PTL finally finished the batch of shirts this evening and got them delivered.

Now on to another project.  I've yet to start on my Christmas cards ... looks like may never happen :(  but we'll see!

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