Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Time was 4p.m yesterday. and Jonathan's nose started becoming more stuffy.  I could hear the stuffiness in the morning but thought it was just a morning thing.

I decided he needs his medication so gave him a dose of Zyrtec and Axol.  For Jonathan, he doesn't have runny nose when he catches a cold.  His nose is stuffed up and drains from the back to his throat.

Ready for bed @ 11.30.  His eyes are droopy and he yawned.  Gave him his milk feed with another dose of medication.  Changed him into his pjs and carried him to his bedroom.

Eyes refused to close even though it was 1am.  He wanted another set of milk, said he's hungry.  I gave him half thinking that too much milk may give him diarrhea. He tried to sleep but the stuffy nose just wouldn't let up.  Had a lot of saliva cos hard to breath so had to swallow hard.  Kept turning and had wind in his tummy.  I was getting tired and prayed for strength because just don't know how long this would last.

Darling boy asked for milk again at close to 3.30am.  Gave him another half and while feeding him, his arms hit my hand and water spilled onto his bed, making it wet.  So brought him out to the mat in the hall and changed his bedsheets.   Finally slept around 4am and I dosed off after changing his diaper.

This afternoon, he refused to nap again, although I very much wanted him to rest.  So I hope without sleeping this afternoon, he will rest well tonight and I can get my rest.  My head is getting heavy already :)

But I'm thankful he's better and I was able to finish some work.  Thank you Jesus :)


Wishful Thinking said...

Oh dear Serene! What a night! I would be totally falling over exhausted if that was me! Hope he gets better and sleeps well tonight for you.
Hugs R

May said...

Hey, same thing going on with Vera! I think it's the change in weather...getting colder and more moist. Stuffed up the whole night and can't sleep well, then daytime very listless. Same thing happened last Dec as well. Will just have to ride out this coming cold season.