Wednesday, September 01, 2010


It's happening again.  For 2 straight nights Jonathan just couldn't sleep well.  Even if he does go to sleep, he will wake up and start calling me.  by the time he gets the proper deep sleep it would already 3.30am.

I'm hoping that today, since he didn't take his nap that he will sleep well tonight.


May said...

Many of our kids have problems sleeping. And most sleep late. I've heard some 1am, some 3am. Vera sleeps at 12.30am. My doc says cos they don't get enough sun. So no melatonin (which is responsible for helping us sleep). Whatever the reason, it's really tough on you I know. Take care.

Serene Ho said...

Thanks May! will keep this in mind and bring him for walks more often, especially now he doesn't like to go out much.