Friday, September 24, 2010


As of 21 September 2010, Jonathan weighed 23kg and 126cm tall.

My appointment with his dietitian at KK, Ms KY (who still remembers my name even tho we haven't seen her for the last 2 years) went well.

I'm glad that after his illness on 17 August, which saw Jonathan's weight dropping to 21kg, that he could put back 2kg with the Isomil Advance EyeQ Plus within a month.

Chatting with Ms KY gave me the assurance that he was on track although through the chart, his ideal weight should be 25kg.  His height is ok.  Growth has to be between 90-100% and Jonathan has achieved 91% under the CP growth.

So for now, she advised to stick to Isomil for 6 months just to give his tummy some rest.   Thankfully, he's been able to consume soy milk without problem.  Moreover, my also a little hesitant to switch him back to the goat milk (thus the reason why I want to sell off the balance of my stock HERE).  Staying on soy milk helps that if he does fall ill again, there's no need to switch powder.

A friend recommended Isocal.  Ms KY said it's actually a mixture of cow and soy milk but processed in such a way that is gluten and lactose free.  But it's 1cal/ml which will be too heavy for Jonathan.  And it's hard to find in local supermarkets.  But we may consider this in future when Jonathan's older and needs more protein.

So for now, the feeding regime is 6.5 scoops of soy milk powder to 240ml water to make it 300ml for the next 3 days.  When he's accustomed to the new amount, we increase it to 7 scoops till he reaches 25kg.

Thank you Lord for protecting Jonathan.  Now, I can safely give him milk feeds even if he doesn't feel well.


Anonymous said...


So happy to hear this good news!

Found a scrape book store at City Sq Mall. You should check it out!


Serene Ho said...

Thanks! And I want to meet you soon :) I know of the sb stor in City Sq Mall. Went there with Jon before when the mall opened.