Friday, September 17, 2010


Jonathan has been quite good lately.  Perhaps the news of transferring to home management program made him happy and less stress.  He's been sleeping well, except for 2 nights ago when he woke up at 3am after I changed his diaper and didn't go back to sleep till 7.30am!

but ... he's been talking alot, been up to his tricks lately.

He's also been pulling his feeding button (I think I mentioned this before somewhere) more regularly just to get our attention.

But today, he did something that totally surprised me ...

He was at it again and I warned him about the consequences of pulling his button.  Then when I turned to look at him, he immediately pulled down his shirt to cover up the "cap-is-opened" feeding button.  It was really an instant reaction on his part.  haha.  Well...I tried not to grin cos I was supposed to be the angry person.

Lately he's also been helping me "take" things that are within his reach for me.

Two nights ago, he did just that.  I changed him into his PJ's and his shirt was lying somewhere else.  He reached for it on his own.  He turned his body ... moved his butt ... twisted his arm ... got his navigation right and all the while refusing help from me when I asked.  Finally after about 5 minutes, he grabbed the shirt, turned his body and handed it to me.

Thank you sweet darling Jonathan.  You are getting better with your hands.  I think you may be ready for a new assignment soon.  We'll see :)

And ... thank you Jesus :))))

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May said...

good to hear he's happier. and "helping" you out at home!