Saturday, March 07, 2009


My mum, Kevin and Ema {their helper} came over for lunch today. I love it when mum comes over ;o)

Showed them how I print my tees and did 4 within 15 minutes {I think! LOL}. Did 2 new designs and also printed one "I LOVE YOU" sign language tee. Silver on black. I like that one. Maybe will further add some words on the tee later. Kevin helped me solve the laser printing problem. Now I can print color on tees ... yippee!

Loads of things to do. I'm glad I had requests for quotations but so far no replies from them yet. Hope to clinch the deals! Thank you Jesus! Thanks for all your support!

Will upload the new tees after we get some good sunlight. There was a "storm" this afternoon. Lightning and thunder. But cooled down the weather ... which I love!

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