Monday, March 30, 2009


Today's english lesson for Jonathan was a story about a group of donkeys that felt they had to work so hard and not being appreciated.

It's a folktale about how two of the donkeys went to a wise old man to ask him for help because they wanted to stop working and just want to laze and graze.

The old wise man thought for a while and came up with a great idea. He got two pots of paint. One for white and the other for black paint. So he started painting the donkeys with stripes and called them zebras. Soon the donkey-turned-zebras didn't have to work anymore and were enjoying the fields of grass.

They told the secret to the other donkeys who went to the wise man and asked him to paint them. But the wise man couldn't paint them fast enough and the donkeys started a stir and accidentally knocked the pots over and there was no more paint and they had to go back to their hard work.

Moral of the story was patience. If the donkeys were patient and waited, the would have become zebras.

So after doing the question and answer worksheet, teacher came by Jonathan to ask if he's a patient boy. He pointed "Yes". So I asked him, "are you patient all the time?", he touched "No".

So there ... my honest little boy ... haha.

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