Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Let me introduce the new t-shirt printing company that was set up by my brother. I posted a journal earlier HERE about being excited upon learning the ropes and now ... the company is in full swing.

SPEIRO {pronounced SPEH-RO} PRINTS & DESIGN PTE LTD is a fully registered company in Singapore and yours sincerely is running Speiro's BLOG SHOP!

I'm still posting new designs ... currently only SCRAPBOOKING tees and purchase is targeted to local Singaporeans. But soon ... I will add Paypal so that international customers can make their purchases from Speiro's BLOG SHOP.

We're also opened to companies, churches and schools who need t-shirt printing services! If you are in need of a printer. Just EMAIL ME your specifications and requirements and we'll send you a quotation. We will give you the best price as close to your budget as possible!

Be a follower of our BLOG SHOP and you will always receive updates! Leave me comments / feedback cos they are always welcome!

See you at Speiro's Blog Shop!

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