Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm happy the medication worked on Jonathan. By this afternoon, his nose wasn't so congested. The allergy medication worked. He was so drowsy, he took a very deep nap this afternoon and I had a chance to watch a drama serial on tv.

He had to take anti-biotics too. I figured ... just as well. Thankfully it doesn't cause diahroea {always don't know how to spell this word!}

Jonathan is with his daddy in the study room listening to Christian music. I can hear Jonathan singing. He will use his voice and go ooh, aahhh, mmmm.

I'm also happy to get an order for t-shirts today. Believing for more! Can't wait to use the heatpress again! I love it that I can get to design, re-create designs and learn new techniques in Illustrator. Scrapbooking has now been totally ignored! LOL!

I want to scrapbook too. But I guess my new "hobby" is also like scrapbooking. Just that they are on t-shirts.

Thank you Abba Father for giving me all the wisdom and creativity!

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