Thursday, March 19, 2009



1) Vomiting
2) Falling Sick
3) Getting Flu


It must have been the fruit-vegetable juice I gave Jonathan yesterday afternoon. He was ok in the morning. But after the afternoon walk and the juice, he started drooling alot and became very tired. By evening, the vomiting started. Brought him to the doctors got his medication replenished. It also could have been that I had the flu earlier this week. Me being close to him all the time, especially when Jonathan gets ready for bed, doesn't help much. sigh....

The onus is on me ... to keep healthy.


1) Eating unhealthily
2) Snacking!
3) Sleeping late!

Harith and I didn't sleep much last night. Jonathan didn't stop retching till around 3am. By then, I was hungry. So while he went back to sleep after the last vomit, I took 2 slices of peanut butter bread and a cup of warm water.

Slight fever that's left ... which is good.

We slept till 9am when Jonathan woke up, touching my face continuously. He stopped retching.

Today's diet ... porridge broth and lots of pedialyte {isotonic water}. I'm laying off milk for today. He still feels sleepy and lethargic ... bit his lips so there are small bite wounds in the inner lower lip.

Thank you Abba for quick recovery! ;-o

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