Saturday, March 14, 2009

IRISH DANCERS VIDEO CLIP ~ COMMENTARY offered a free Irish Dance video clip for St Patrick's Day. All I needed to do was upload images, do some cropping and add the "heads" to the video clip.

Why I'm putting notes about the clip in a new post is cos every time I write something there, the video clip doesn't show! So ... here is my commentary on the guest stars.

The lead dancer is my nephew Amos Tan. The lady dancers are from left, Emmy {my sister}, Nicole {niece}, Mary {sister-in-law} and Kimberly {niece}.

I only had their pictures in the computer cos the rest are in the external hard drive...too lazy to transfer...haha.

Hope ya'll had a good time watching ;o). I did ... especially when Amos did the leap! haha!

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