Saturday, March 21, 2009


Jonathan was in his playful mood yesterday. 2 days after he had his tummy virus / food poisoning ... I don't know. Praise the Lord he was all energetic. So I took the chance to give him a leg massage {non-professional kind ... a squeeze here and there :) }. Did some squatting with him. Then lifted him up to stand.

He was so happy! I should use the AFO {the plastic thingy that supports his ankles}. But I figured since he wasn't going to stand long, I should let him feel the rough texture of the Thomas the Train mat. His feet are as smooth as silk cos they haven't touched the ground alot!

Each time I lifted him to stand, I will count backwards from 10. I release my grip on him {as you can see from the picture}. He will be balancing on his feet for a few seconds. Repeated this for another 5 times before his legs gave way.

I took him up for at least 5 more times and then my back started aching.

But that made his day. The smile on his face said it all!.

We're going to have him assessed by 2 qualified Filipino PTs on Tuesday. we want to give him extra physio therapy at home since we've been missing school alot. More details later.

Right now...Jonathan wants to stand again. Better do it before he takes his lunch.

--------------------ON ANOTHER NOTE

My good friend ... Jeannie's daughter was admitted to hospital because of pneumonia. Couldn't go down to see the little sweet girl at KKH.

It's tiring for any parent when a child goes to the hospital. We had our share of this kind of experience.

After praying last night, a peace came over me. I wasn't worried anymore. Alot of prayers were going out for Faith. Her blood pressure was very low and they had to move her to the ICU for monitoring.

Thank God this morning Jeannie told me Faith's condition stabilized. Pressure normal.

Praise the Lord!

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