Monday, March 02, 2009


My neighbour upstairs like to hang their children's school shoes above our laundry. I think it's done by their domestic maid.

I don't know if the shoes are washed or not but every time they hang them out, they don't bother to see if there are cleanly washed clothes hanging below them.

Today when I looked up, the shoes didn't looked washed ... there were dirty stains on the shoes. Either it could not be washed off or they just wanted to air the shoes.

Not only shoes ... sometimes washed floor mats with water dripping down.

Sigh ... that's what we face when we stay in housing estates. It's just another issue that we have learned to ignore ... wait till they bring in their shoes then I'll hang out my laundry to dry.

Please upstairs more considerate.


Wishful Thinking said...

That is so disgusting! Oh I couldn't stand that. My washing line hangs inside my laundry, so the rain can't even get to it :-)

Serene Ho said...

Right word to use! LOL! We do have laundry lines inside the house but most times just want to have the hot sunshine on our clothes. TFS!