Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Jonathan has been drooling alot these last few days and last night, we saw traces of blood on his mattress. I thought he had bitten his lips again while turning his body.

While feeding him before his bed time, there was more blood drooling out. Harith checked but couldn't see anything. But while holding the syringe in one hand, I pried open his mouth and saw the gum missing one tooth.

The first molar came out not long ago and Harith recalled it was from the left side. Last night, this was on the right side.

After feeding Jonathan, Harith propped him up and he started coughing and gagging. Then a small molar came out of his mouth. I put on some finger index gloves to check his mouth and found a piece of chipped off molar. No wonder he was feeling uncomfortable cos they were quite sharp. Further checks and I couldn't find any more loose molars.

Another protected episode. If we had ignored the drooling, he would have choked on the molar while sleeping.

Thank you Lord for protecting Jonathan!

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