Monday, May 25, 2009


Just when I'm ready to go back to school with Jonathan today, last night I had stomach cramps. Took a painkiller and knocked out till this morning and couldn't get up. Things seem to happen whenever I'm about to go school.

Like ... the night before Jonathan will not sleep till 2am, 2 nights consecutively. Then it's either I'll be coughing like crazy around 5am and waking the whole family up.

Maybe I should have just got up and go no matter how tired I am. Jonathan has missed school almost the entire month of May.

Not a very good example to Jonathan actually. He happily "doesn't mind" missing school.

This is really frustrating. I just have to buck up!

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May said...

Hey...go easy on yourself. You are human too...and it's not an easy job to keep up all the time. It's your body telling you it needs downtime too. Wish you had some help...I for one can't do it all on my own!