Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Today was Jonathan's class to have the compulsory health check by the government.

Weight and height were taken. But if the child cannot stand on his/her own {like Jonathan}, this is not done. But the compulsory eye check is still carried out.

Instead of alphabets on the board, like what we adults have to read from, our children are given shapes like star, plus sign, circle and square. If the child can tell, they will say what the shapes are. For Jonathan, it's different.

Non verbal children have a flash card placed in front of them. The left eye will be covered and the testing begins. They will answer by pointing to the correct shape on the flash card. This is repeated with the right eye.

Jonathan did well today. His eye sight is still perfect. I had a hard time looking at the last row which was like pea-size from where we stood {about 1.5meters away}.

I wanted to secretly take a photo during the process but was busy getting Jonathan to answer the questions.

He's vision is ok ... I better go check mine! haha! PRAISE THE LORD!

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Sharmaine said...

So glad the testing went well, Yay Jonathan!!