Sunday, May 17, 2009


Harith was out almost the whole day. Morning music lessons then came back rested for a few hours then off to his friend's studio. He didn't come home till after 1am cos his friend bought him supper (and a McDonald's apple pie for me).

Jonathan was supposed to sleep by 12 midnight. He asked for milk again and then suddenly he started tearing. No matter how I tried to distract him (which normally works with some songs), he just couldn't stop.

Earlier on, I told him to sleep early so he could see his daddy tomorrow morning. That probably sparked the teary-eye. HUGE MISTAKE!

At 1.30am, he was still at it until he heard the door lock clicking. A little moan ...

Then when Harith peeped through his bedroom door ... LOUD wail! Harith came into the room, still in his dirty jeans, carried and hugged him and then ... the crying dropped to whimpers.

I asked ... his answer ... "I miss his daddy." Finally falling asleep at almost 2.30am.

He never does that for me when I'm away for a few hours! LOL!

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