Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Jonathtan's classmates and teachers came this morning for a tshirt printing session.

Had a great time and I hope they did too. Jonathan was so quiet while they were here, even Teacher Lay Keong noticed it cos he's quite talkative in class...haha! But he was a good host. He let me go through the printing "tour" without interruption. Thanks to Harith who helped me too!
Thanks to Speiro Prints & Design for sponsoring the tshirts!

The complete set of photos are in my facebook HERE.

This is the sample (below) that was done and customized for each child. This tshirt was done for Jonathan.

Started by introducing the equipment, transfer media and how the process is done.

Me ... showing them the flex.

Letting them feel the blade tip of the plotter (cutter)

Teacher Lay Keong helping the children remove the finer parts of the flex from the backing.

Gee Beng, proudly showing her tshirt

Alvin, peeling off the backing after the words were pressed to the tshirt. The plastic backing was really hot from the press but all of them got a chance to do this.

Alvin and his tshirt.

Teacher JS trying her hands on the heatpress. The pressure was strong so it was really difficult to push the handle down if you're not used to it. She literally lifted herself up while pressing the handle! LOL!

Teacher Lay Keong decided to print her own t-shirt. Maybe she wants to switch career? LOL!

Everyone with their printed tshirt!

After all the hardwork, it was time for light snack. Thanks to Jing Ying's mum who brought packets of Vitagens for us!

From left: Alvin, Muhd Idros, Jing Ying and Zoe.

After snack time, the kids had half hour before leaving so we went down to the park for some play time. That's Alvin on the turn-table bar.

Jonathan and Gee Beng on the sidelines with Harith under the shade. Thank God it was a little breezy and not sunny. Weather was good.

Irfan gave the turn-table a try. Then we put Jing Ying on it who immediately wanted to get down! LOL!

Muhd Idros also wanted to join in the action.

Two of our 3 princesses who wanted to take a break and then Muhd joined in cos he wanted to be in the picture!

The ever expressive Muhd Idros!

Zoe ... she asked me to take a picture of her jogging.

Then ... it was time to go back to school.

Saying goodbye to them and they to Jonathan.

The gift from Teachers Lay Keong and JS. Organic juices and supplement to help get us into better health! They made the card themselves (but I placed it upside down...ooops!) Alvin even wrote that he loves me! How sweet!


Wishful Thinking said...

Oh they look like they had fun Serene. What a neat thing to do. I grinned at the kids in the playground ;-) hehehee
Nice gift basket too :-)

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