Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My eyes are about to close .. the medication from 4 am is still active. Now, I have to take a fresh doze just so that the runny nose stop.

Feeling rather drowsy and that's causing me to feel lazy but still work has to be done.

I dread taking medication cos Jonathan will be affected by my "not~so~attentive~mum" mode ... haha!

I shall attempt to finish the last batch of tshirts for Mennonite Church & Scrap-n-Crop. But the medicine label did say "don't operate machines while on this medication." haha! Yup...don't want to be ironed on by the heatpress! But no worries ... I'm still as alert as ever!

I'm just happy that at least a bunch of tshirts in a shoebox is on the way to Valerie for her Art Retreat this Friday! Tks ta jie for helping me!

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Wishful Thinking said...

Ohh goodie tee-shirts! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have done Serene :-)