Saturday, May 02, 2009


Yup! Jonathan is sleeping well tonight .. Praise the Lord!

Then why am I still up at this hour? When Jonathan sleeps, I catch up with other things:
  1. Spent time with Harith. We watched Criminal Minds and American Idol.
  2. Peeled off the excess flex from the cutting I did to prepare them for tshirt printing.
  3. Blog surfing {and found the great giveaway at TwiddleyBitz DT and also left comments (good ones) at friend's blogs}.
  4. Check facebook.
  5. Get updates.

Now ... I'm going to check on Jonathan, do some sketching, maybe read a page or two then sleep.

Thank you Jesus!


Wishful Thinking said...

Oh so glad Jonathan is better Serene. So when are you going to sleep now? hehehee

Serene Ho said...

Thanks Rachel. Would you believe it that with so much time after Jonathan slept, i went to bed only at 4am this morning after changing his diaper! haha. I was able to complete quite alot of tasks! But then it helped that we woke up around 9-nish heh heh =)

May said...

I can't stop getting up at 3am! Occupational hazard of always checking on Vera's breathing in her sleep. Maybe we should meet for supper! haha Glad Jonathan is better.

Serene Ho said...

You mean early breakfast! haha! good idea!