Friday, May 15, 2009


"Hate" is a strong word. But in this instance, I can safely say "I HATE COUGHS!"

Yesterday morning woke up and the world was spinning around me. When I walked, I was staggering. I assumed it was the cough medication plus all other medication that I took to stop my flu that caused this.

Thankfully Harith was around. The spinning effect was on till around noon where it slowly went away.

So...I stopped taking the cough mixture last night to which I'm thankful cos Jonathan didn't sleep until 2am! If I had taken the mixture, I would be zonked out and it would have made me really agitated {although I was already getting agitated by 1.30am!} LOL.

He finally went to sleep and I knocked out too only to wake up with bad bad coughing.

So ... back to the cough mixture {that helps a little}. Maybe it's time I try the Vick's vapor rub on my feet tonight and see if this really works :-)

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May said...

I hate coughing too! It's worse than fever and running nose put together. We are weak from being full time caregiver...must take Vitamins C hor...and you may want to try Echinacea...flu prevention. I started taking cos I got so sick of getting flu every month. Get well soon!