Sunday, January 03, 2010


Whenever we talk on the phone, the first thing she asks is "Where is Kai Ming?" (Jonathan's dialect name).

When she comes to our house, she will straight away walk to where Jonathan is, extends her hand and Jonathan will automatically take hers and give her one of his big smiles.

So yesterday was like this.  Jonathan said he wanted to visit her.  So we brought him there.  When he saw her resting on the bed, we pushed his buggy near her.  He reached out to her but we had to help him lift his hand to shake hers because the bed was a little high.  He held on to her right hand for a little while ... his grip was tight ... and she managed to catch a glimpse of Jonathan beside her.

He didn't take his eyes off her for a while.  Looking at her as to why she's different in her looks but I could see his eyes were full of love for her.  His eyes showed it all.

Jonathan has compassion and it was shown so vividly that day.  He said he prays for her and told his uncle there was an angel at the end of her bed watching over her.

Thank you Jesus for our son ... whose love for others is shown in his eyes even though he can't speak it.  Let him continue to be like Jesus ... full of compassion even if he cannot yet do it physically.

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