Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ok..I admit.  I just couldn't resist some cookies, peanuts and ice tea.

That really aggravated my throat, especially when it was already healing.

I was greedy.  Started coughing again.  Another round of antibiotics .. stronger this time around.

My fault :(

Cos Jonathan caught it yesterday and I quickly started him on porridge water, which I'm glad I did, because he started throwing up mid evening.

Thank God it wasn't serious.  By 12 midnight, he was able to sleep.

And this time, I remembered to set my alarm clock for extra water feeding and diaper change.

His diaper didn't leak and he was kept dry throughout the night.

He's ok now.  But still has sore lips because when he retches, he tends to bite his lower lip and clench them until he slowly opens his mouth.  For us, just accidently biting our lips is a painful affair.  What more when he has a full bite and holds it there because his reflexes doesn't act as fast as we do.  The more painful, the more he bites down.  We just have to keep coaxing him open his mouth which he did eventually.  But now the bite marks have turned into mouth ulcers.  Have been giving him panadol to ease the pain.

Kenolog is coming and we will miss school again this week

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SCRAP-n-CROP said...

Aww...Jon and Serene, get well soon...for our household, me, poor mum, gets the worst of it all...Bryant and Becks is stronger than me...thanks to Grandma and her energy meals! and yeah, I remember you mention rice water, wat about porridge?