Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was seated with my nieces and nephew and a good friend (Olive ... to my right). Had a good time having fun with them. Fun bunch of kids who grew up together.

I sang a song for my nephew on behalf of my sister (nephew's mom) cos she wanted to present a special item to him and needed my voice (as I said on stage haha).  My brother took a video clip of me singing.  But he only caught the last 6 seconds cos he thought I was going to sing more!  haha.  but it's good enough.  they were all looking at the screen where the words of the song was flashed.

On the whole the dinner was pleasant.  But it started and ended really late.  Jonathan didn't want to go.  He just refused to and start crying quite badly.  We couldn't be able to deal with his secretion and phlegmy throat if he went so he stayed home with Harith.  He was smart ... didn't want to nap earlier.  Now I know why.

In times like these, I really miss having both of my man around special occasions.  But there's really nothing we can do about it.  One thing I'm beginning to realise is that he prefers to go out during the day than night time.

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