Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Yup...i couldn't sleep ... again.  Had loads on my mind.  But I had work to do too.  Took a cup of tea and presto!  My eyes didn't blink blink till 5.30am.  Didn't help that Jonathan woke up a few times disrupting my work that kinda got pushed back that's why.

But maybe God was using him to tell me to rest.

Sometimes I'm stubborn in this area.  I mean ... when I get started on my work ... I'd rather finish it especially when the motivation is there.

It didn't help that I was awoken at 9am by the hammering of the drilling machine downstairs.  Hacking away at 9am is not an ideal time when people like me sleep pass that time!  ha!

Yup ... they are rebuilding the playground area at the park.  Probably will fix some funny equipment that children can play on although to me ... the new-age kind of play equipment do give a "welcome-to-accident" risk.  They don't built playground equipment like they used to now.  What happened to the see-saws?  The slides?  The swings?  When will there be playground equipment that are suitable for children with special needs?  Someone ought to think about this!

Oh well ... the waiting continues and here I am talking about it.

Sigh ... this will never happen again soon ... I mean ... the sleepless in Tampines.  It only happens once in a while ... phew ...

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