Thursday, January 21, 2010


Called the clinic this morning about the secretion problem after Jonathan took OSPAMOX, in my earlier post yesterday.

Another doctor was on duty.  He said to "come for review because you were prescribed with Axol that's for phlegm".

Ok...we went in.  I told him Jonathan was like this yesteray before taking the antibiotics, ie  "Soundless".  He checked.  Jonathan's lungs and airways are clear.  He said "to take Jonathan off the antibiotics.  Sometimes certain antibiotics is not really needed for certain diagnosis."  Talked about viral against bacterial which I don't really comprehend.

Never mind.  So long as Jonathan is healthy.

BUT ...

"Please give Jonathan the ventolin inhaler (we do it via the aero-chamber) 3 times a day, each time 2 puffs.  This is to prevent the airways from clogging up."

There's always a "but".

BUT ... Jonathan is all clear.  Surely there's no need to go this way.  That's what I tell myself, not wanting to say out loud to sound as if I'm questioning his diagnosis.

I gave the doctor a smile.  Said ok.  Left the treatment room, told that there's no consultation fee and left the clinic.  Finally telling myself that there is really no harm in giving Jonathan the ventolin inhaler.  It's not into his system like oral medication.  I'm fine with it.

So he is secretion free and I'm less worried about him.


MustardSeedMum said...

Hi Serene,
There are flu's/sicknesses that are caused by viruses (viral) that cannot be treated by antibiotics. Antibiotics are only effective for sicknesses caused by bacteria (bacterial). Many times, doctors prescribe antibiotics for viral flu's which really don't help (even though you might think you're getting better with it) - but it is this over-use of antibiotics which is the cause of these "superbugs" that we now have that are antibiotic-resistant.

Saying that, there ARE times when you could start with a sickness caused by a virus, but then you get complications and end up having a bacterial infection of some sort.

Anyway...that's the long & short of viral vs. bacterial :)

Serene Ho said...

Thanks Lynette for highlighting this to me. Now I understand it better!