Sunday, January 17, 2010


When I'm stuck with a printing problem, trying to solve it quickly...
Jonathan starts making a fuss about the show and starts bawling...

They just come at the same time and it's certainly a wrong time! I got a little frustrated .. angry at his sudden crying.  So I stayed away from both the printer and the little boy.

I know I have to go to him first.  But I just sat one arms length in front of the television screen and took out the tape that was the cause of his bawling.  Sat there while he was still crying and said a frustrated prayer out loud.

Then Jonathan became quiet.  Thank you Jesus ... and I decided that the printer can wait.  Cover left opened and ignored for 10 minutes.

Went to Jonathan gave him a kiss.  Wiped his tear-stained face and gave him something he liked.

I went back to my printer, took out the hot roller and managed to solved my printer issue.

It took a prayer ...

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