Monday, January 18, 2010


Finally finished them after putting it off for a few days.  All 600 pieces of tags for my nephew's upcoming wedding dinner.

A brilliant idea by his wifey, these tags will certainly come in handy.  If you are attending their wedding dinner, you will know what they will be used for that night *-*

I actually wanted to rubber stamp on them the double happiness sign or a bride & groom clipart that I bought a long time ago:

But it is too big for the 2 inch scallop punch that was used to punch out the tags.  And the ink doesn't come out nice on metallic paper.

So ... I finally decided this is the best solution.  Simple, nice and all's there.  PTL! cos punching the hard cardstock was a little hard.  The Carl Craft Alphabet punches are only 1.5cm in width, height and length!  so I had to use my golden thumb haha!  but it was worth the effort.  I like the way it turned out and even though there's no colored backing behind, it's still visible if placed against a dark background.

Equipment used:  Marvy Uchida 2" Scallop Punch, Carl Craft Alphabet & Heart Punches

On a health note:  Little boy is now down with cold (aka stuffy nose for his case) and we have to miss school again :( and we haven't even started school this year!

My bad cos I had the flu again so whenever we are close together ... the inevitable happens.

And as usual, when this happens, work gets pushed back.  Next is to finish up sister's polos and the church wedding booklet.

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