Friday, February 12, 2010


I didn't think I will make time for this.  But I just couldn't help it :)  With Jonathan fully recovered, I had some time to spare and took out all my red patterned papers that I bought 3 years back.  What's good about scrapbook patterned papers is that they don't turn color because they are acid free.  So these papers are still good.

This year, unlike the previous hong paos that I made HERE, I decided to stick to just one design layout with the word "fu" in different places.  Saves time!

I have a "fu" 福 punch bought a few years back and decided to use it.  Punched the word out on the actual paper.  Then cover the "hole" with a piece of pink paper from the inside.  then punch the same "fu" on a dark gold paper and paste over the actual word on the pattern paper...(get the drift?  haha)'s the closeup


This particular packet was done with DCWV glitter paper that my sister Sally gave me (see earlier POST).

The only problem I have with glitter paper is sticking them together!  Even double sided tape doesn't hold very well on the glittery part!


May said...

SO PRETTY!!! The prettiest ang pows I've seen in my life seriously. Are you selling them? You should you know? I'm sure pple will buy if you place them at shops like Anthropology, those arty farty designer shops. Wow! Impressed.

Serene Ho said...

Thanks May! I only do it for my immediate family members and very close friends. I don't think people will buy expensive handmade hong pows. But thanks for the compliments! LOL

Penelope Gan said...

wah wah so pretty ... can't believe u hv the time!!!
happy happy chinese new year to all of you - hoping only the best for you and your family simple because you are all deserving!!!