Saturday, February 06, 2010


It's funny why I didn't think of a title for this song when I wrote it.  My sister wanted a song for her son, Nicholas, at his wedding.  I guess I can call it "A SONG FROM A MOTHER AT HER SON'S WEDDING" or "A MOTHER & SON SONG" or "A DEDICATION TO NICHOLAS FROM HIS MUMMY".  These titles are just too long.  I'll just leave it blank ;)

I actually did a video presentation using the song.  You can watch it HERE.

Before writing ... My ta jie (Nick's mum) gave me a gist of what she wanted in a song.  I penned it and she approved it.

You know ... songs like these will always strike a chord in everyone's heart.  I was trying hard not to cry.  In all my years, I've sung for 4 of my brother and sisters' weddings and for other church members as well.  I don't know when I can do that for my own son.

Nick gave me a rose plucked from a bouquet after the song.  haha.  But I'm glad that through this song, the bond between mother and son grew stronger that same night.

Thanks ta jie ... for letting me help you pen the words of these song.

My er jie {2nd sister} caught my singing at the dinner on video.


May said...

Hey! didn't know you can compose song so well! eh can include the lyrics please so we can follow when we watch the video please? It's sounds so nice but can't catch the words well.

Serene Ho said...

Link to the video presentation is in the post. I kinda added it through photobucket. but looks like I have to post it in.