Saturday, February 06, 2010


Jonathan turns 13 today.  Officially a teen.  ThirTEEN.  Wow.

He didn't want anything.  So Harith put some money in the red packet and gave it to him at 12 midnight last night and said a meaningful prayer over him.

So another has come.  What has he achieved?  Physically taller and stronger.  Wanting us to meet more of his demands.  Able to explain himself {even though it's multiple choice of questions and answers}.

He's more responsive to people around him.  Greeting family and friends on his own without being told to do so.

I want to thank family and friends who called/sms/emailed to wish him today.  His cousins called him on the phone and sang happy birthday and he was amused, even though he didn't burst out laughing haha.  Thanks Rachel, Rebekah and Reuben :)

Today, after his music class, Harith bought him a cute tiny hazelnut cake and we set the camera on timer and took the following pictures:

Well..I had to test the timer first :)

Then try the zoom to get the best shot.

Happy boy was pleasantly surprised to see the cake and us singing the birthday song.  His smile is always priceless!



Harith holding Jonathan's hand and cutting the cake ... how to balance?  haha

Me trying to superimpose by holding the cake right in front of the camera ...didn't work..haha!

Time to tuck into the delicious cake ... and it was really nice.

Me giving Jonathan a few pieces of the cake and water to wash it down.

Jonathan said celebrating his birthday at home was good enough.  He didn't need to go out.  Cute :)

We love you Jonathan!


Anonymous said...

Hi dear,

Your song was so beautiful. You & Harith are really so talented!

Wish the birthday boy a very happy birthday and give him a kiss on my behalf. Tell him big boy need to go to school regularly! haha


Wishful Thinking said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Jonathan. Hope he had a lovely day. :-)
Neat pics of your family :-)

Geoffrey Goh said...

Happy birthday! One day after my daughter.

geoffrey goh