Tuesday, February 09, 2010

SIGH ....

Jonathan started whiny when I told him he had to go to school today.

Let him listened to some praise songs to calm him down.  Talked to him about school and compromised with him.  All the time he was quite ok with occasional pouting lips.

Changing him was alright until I had to put him on the buggy.  He started crying.  I forced him to go.

Harith helped me.  His heart aches to see Jonathan like this.  But I had to be the main force.

Jonathan cried while still on the buggy right, up till when we were waiting for the taxi.  The journey there was alright.  His throat had secretion and phlegm from the crying.  But he was lighthearted.

Met his classmates and teacher...finally.  He seemed to be fine until I transferred him to the special chair.  He had speech therapy ( a new therapists) and also physiotherapy.

I requested to leave early because since it was Jonathan's first day at school, I didn't want to tire him too much.

But by 3pm, he started showing signs of discomfort.   Towards evening, he started retching.

Do I need to let him go through this to know that this is the main reason why he just refused to go to school?

He told me he doesn't want to go because of the current buggy and the special chair in school that he is using. It's true...both do give him discomfort because he is not sitting properly.  With the buggy he is still able to be adjusted properly.  But with the special chair in school, it's a total discomfort.  I've been trying to highlight this issue to the OT since last year.

He's not going to school on thursday.  I cannot afford to have him fall ill especially during chinese new year.

Lord...I really need help.


May said...

whatever chair the school finally finds for Jonathan, perhaps you might want to take it home to acclimatise him to it. or maybe he can sit in the buggy in class?

Serene Ho said...

Thanks May. PT gave me some suggestions to help prevent Jon from sliding down. But after sitting on the chair for 2 hours, Jonathan was beginning to show signs of pale hands and feet. I guess I still have to talk to the OT.