Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I told him he has to go school today.

The signs started showing around 10am.  He began to whine.  Then pouted his lips.

Towards 11.30am, no amount of youtube, wheel of fortune, or music could distract him.

I promised him his favourite music after he comes back.

It didn't work.  Alot of pep talk, alot of cajoling...no use.

The bawling started.  For more than half hour he kept crying.  Secretion and phlegm built up.

Even when we carry him to the buggy, he will refuse to sit.  Straighten his body, lock it in and now matter how much we push, he just wouldn't bend his body.  We cannot afford to snap his bones.  Finally after about 5 minutes, we give up.  My back hurts tremendously.

He sounded to be choking on his secretion.  Harith picked him up and finally managed to talk him to stop.

He told Harith he'll go back on Thursday.  Hopefully he keeps his word.

He's been like that even with family events or going out to get grocery.

Times like these, I feel it's my fault to have let him stay home for the last half year.

Tired :(

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May said...

oh yes, Vera is not very happy to be back in school either...takes time for them to adjust to the "unfamiliar" environment after getting used to the comfort of home. hope he feels up for it on Thursday.