Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My friends left me notes on my previous post.

May:  Do you know exactly what it is that makes him throw up? could it be the journey in the cab? After a feed? Or the sun? or the stimulation?

Hi May.  I don't think it's taxi ride.  He takes them fine.  Jonathan did say it's the chair he's sitting in school that he's not comfortable in.  But I think it's more of his sitting posture.  I would have to check with his OT about this.  But like you said, it could be something else.

His PT saw him last week and felt something was not right when his hands and feet were pale.  He suggested I seek help because he's also puzzled why Jonathan is turning pale.  Sometimes, while at home, if he's not lying or sitting at the right position, his hands and feet do turn pale but the don't last long.

Harith (hubby) was telling me not to make him upset again.  Otherwise the secretion and phlegm will build up and that would probably be another cause for conern.  Last night he coughed out a whole chunk of thick phlegm, which I'm glad he did but that didn't stop him from throwing up.

Rachel:  Oh Serene ... I feel for you. Can you get someone to come and give J his therapy at your home rather than having to go somewhere?  Hugs from me.

Hi Rachel,  thanks for your suggestion.  Unfortunately, therapy at home is very costly.  Physical therapy alone is SGD80 per half hour and only once a week.  So that makes it difficult.  But I'm thinking of other sources too and will be checking out some outhouse therapy that might have a subsidized rate.


We mothers all know what it's like to stay up.  I'm just quite drained from staying up late till 5 this morning.  While others around me were fast asleep, I'm sure there are other mothers out there who have children with special needs staying up as well.  I even finished a novel that I started on Monday evening.  That's how I kept myself awake.  That's a record for finishing a novel within 2 days...haha!

If it's an illness by nature, I'm not baffled.  It's because the episodes happen only after we return from school ... that baffles me more.

Thanks ladies for your concern and encouragement!  I appreciate that :)


May said...

yeah i know all about being baffled! you just feel like you need to get to the bottom of it! It's always a constant process of wondering if it's this or that.

I was up at 5 am too! u can call me!

Serene Ho said...

Yup...and the problem now is he's associating school with falling ill.
sigh... time i'm up at 5 i'll text you. Hope Vera is getting better!

Wishful Thinking said...

I thought it might be too expensive. Well I do hope you can get to the bottom of it. Like you said - he's associating school with falling ill and that won't make it any easier either! Good luck!

Serene Ho said...

Thank you Rachel!