Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Jonathan did not go to school today.

Today, I told him to just go for therapy but he kept looking at me with eyes that said "please".

He started tearing.to the verge of crying.  We explained.  He understoold.

I asked him many questions.  The final answer was ...

"He didn't want to go to school and come home feeling sick and throwing up again."

and I understood where he was coming from.

Not to push him means he's missing out on therapy.

To push him means to force him to go through it again.

I decided on the latter and that was a mistake.  He got upset and right early this afternoon, he started showing signs and started retching.

He's asleep now after medication that's why I could sneak a post.

I'm tired of seeing him like this.  Was it stress that caused him to fall sick today?


I don't want to go through this week after week cos both of us end up terribly tired.  But more so I hate to see him fall sick.

It may seem that I'm letting him off the hook just because he cried.  But to have him tell me that he doesn't want to throw up after coming back from school, I totally take his word.

I don't know what to do and I'm totally at a lost.  But all I want is for Jonathan to be healthy.


May said...

Do you know exactly what it is that makes him throw up? could it be the journey in the cab? After a feed? Or the sun? or the stimulation?

Wishful Thinking said...

Oh Serene ... I feel for you. Can you get someone to come and give J his therapy at your home rather than having to go somewhere?
Hugs from me.