Friday, February 26, 2010


Despite what's been going on with school and health.  I love the quiet moments when Jonathan is doing his own thing.

These pictures were taken using soft snap function (shoot subject with soft background).

He started smiling when I started singing "I like to teach Kai Ming to sing" :)

This saturday, the chingay parade will be passing by our street.  They were setting up the lights and stage by the street tonight (again using soft snap function)

And in the meantime, I've got an order to make birthday cards for a group of bible-study members.  This is the first for Christine's birthday in March.  Excuse the lighting:

A 6" x 6" card.  I used bazzil cardstock and had a patterned paper over it.  Printed her name and pasted the floral strip (that I can't remember from which brand and too lazy to check the package..haha).  The patterned paper is flappy...not sealed down to the bazzil cardstock.

Here's the inside.  My friend needed space for her cell group members to write so I put in a white paper.  Verse is taken from Birthverse (a "scripture verse for your birthday" site, where you click your birthdate and a suitable verse will be shown.  But of course not all verses are suitable for birthday

I should be doing all 8 cards.  But I'm sometimes a last minute person.  So I may do the cards a month before the birthday draws near ... or ... then again ... maybe go ahead and finish all at one go.  Will see :)

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