Monday, February 15, 2010


Ever since I was a young girl celebrating CNY with my parents, they always buy new bedsheets to start of the new year.  So growing up, I will witness my mum buying new sheets and she and my dad will change the bedsheets on CNY eve after reunion dinner.  So I've picked up the "habit" from them.  I don't know why CNY but I guess traditions are hard to let go.

Usually we will make the decision.  But this year, we let Jonathan choose :)  I thot it was a rather good choice :)

CNY eve was easy going.  We prep Jonathan for his trip to my mother-in-law's for reunion dinner.  But instead, my sister-in-law, who's helping with the cooking preparation decided to have it at her house.  Which was good ... why?  They have internet broadband there to entertain Jonathan!  LOL!

The food was good.  We had home-made bak wan (meatball) soup with bamboo shoot


Roy (Harith's nephew) made masala chicken and we brought black sauce chicken.  And there were other food on the table too.
But before we had our dinner, we had lo-hay with a Christian theme.  If you want to know what lo-hay means, click HERE.  And this is what was left of the vegetable salad:
With wine (of course I don't drink!!) and drinks all around, we treated ourselves to kueh lapis later for dessert.
Then while sitting around chatting, I discovered that our nephew is a talented artist and he's only 15!  Here's a peek:


Now I know what we will be getting him for Christmas this year!  haha! And I've asked him to draw a caricature of me!

We had a good reunion dinner and the next day, being 1st day of CNY we went to our mother-in-law's to 拜年 (bai nian).  The Chinese New Year celebrations are marked by visits to kin, relatives and friends, a practice known as "new-year visits" (Chinese: 拜年pinyin: bài nián).

But before that, we stayed home in the morning while Harith was at church.  While looking out the window from my kitchen, I saw this:

Usually the traffic is light.  But when there is not enough parking space at the parking lots during festive seasons, visitors will park their cars downstairs.  The white mercedes taxi actually parked at the lot meant for drivers with disabilities.  Now ...  as a taxi driver, you surely know the rules about this illegal parking?  Well...maybe he has a handicap sticker by his windscreen so that will allow him to park there for half hour.  then again, when all of the passengers got out of the car, they were walkin.

I don't know how long he parked there.  But when I looked down after half an hour, another car took it's place.

Oh well...there's really nothing much we can do.  After's the holidays.

And ... we were supposed to visit my mum's this evening.  But Jonathan became unwell suddenly.  But thank God he was feeling much better after his milk feed and when I felt he was good after half hour, I let him stay home with Harith and went to my mum's.  Exchanged ang pows and had good food and, again, I enjoyed the wonderful fellowship.  My eldest sis' popiah!  (Click HERE about popiah)

I'm thankful to God for giving Jonathan instant recovery.  Tonight, Harith and I had the popiah for supper.  Then ... I couldn't resist having a few pieces (of course I shared with Harith!!) of these bestest kuih bangkit!  They simply melt in your mouth once you pop one in!  We got them from Home's Favourites.  These kuih bangkit and Mrs Wee's pineapplets are the best!!!



So these kuih bangkit ended our 2nd day of CNY.  But we still have unfinished business.  I want to bring Jonathan to my mum's to 拜年 (bai nian). She was looking forward to see Jonathan.

Thanks to family and friends for their love gifts (for Jonathan's birthday) and ang pows for him too!

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Wishful Thinking said...

Neat sheets Jonathan picked out! LOL Hope the words work for him (and you!) ;-)
Food pics look yummy too.