Monday, February 01, 2010


My er jie Arina and her daughter Lizzy are going home tonight.  So we dropped by my mum's place this morning to spend some time with them and also bought a cake to celebrate Lizzy's 14th birthday that falls on 7th Feb.

Then my other sister, Sally, put Jonathan next to Lizzy cos his birthday is on 6th Feb.  Jonathan will turn 13 this year.  They are one year and one day apart (and I know Sharmaine's daughter, Megan's birthday is also the same as Jonathan)
And of course, birthdays cannot be without presents.  We gave Lizzy a Grade One book on viola cos she's going to start lessons on that (apart from violin and trumpet instruments that she already knows how to play) and Jonathan had red packets, one of which was presented by Lizzy.

My brother has 2 new kittens at home.  He got them from our cousin whose cats had a litter of kittens.  Today was our first time meeting them and they are just adorable.  Named Mercy and Favor, they are mixed breed and I think their mother is a persian cat, but they take after their "daddy".  More of their pictures at my facebook

We were surprised that Jonathan didn't cringe at the sight of them.  Probably cos they were small.  My sisters placed each one on his lap and he was game enough to touch them and hold them.



Now...see how tight he held on to this kitten haha, pushing the kitten down by the neck!  haha


But I must say the kittens were very well behave on Jonathan's lap. My friend, a cat lover, said that sometimes the animals can sense the elderly and people with special needs and they will be very calm.  I guess that's good pet therapy.

My brother was game enough to bring Harith to my cousin's to pick another kitten if Jonathan wanted a cat.  But our prince said he didn't want one at home and only will go visit mama then he can play with the kittens.  haha

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