Sunday, July 25, 2010


For the last 13 years, Jonathan has been featured twice on television.  One for the President's Start Charity where funds are raised through a television program and distributed to more than 40 charities selected by the President of Singapore.

the other was a documentary by a group of university students who had a final year project to complete and decided to use this opportunity to raise awareness about children with special needs in Singapore.

You can watch the documentary HERE.

MORGAN'S WONDERLAND, together with BLOGGERS UNITE have come together to encourage bloggers to share their experiences on empowering people with disabilities.

I'm glad I could share my experiences on being Jonathan's caregiver.  It's a joy to see university students doing the early intervention courses telling me that they have learned alot with my sharing.

I hope more awareness will be reached throughout the world.  More so, I'm very thankful that there are places like Morgan's Wonderland where many children and adults with special needs can have a place to have fun and enjoy rides where other theme parks don't offer.

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