Friday, July 09, 2010


I was in the mood to sing today.  Harith was in the mood to play his violin today (much to my delight!!!!  I always love it when he plays).

When Harith went to the market to get us some breakfast (didn't feel like eating bread ... heh heh), I took out the uke to sing some songs.  And guess what ... the prince scooted away!  hahaha.

Anyway, I had to go buy my paper supplies so after returning home, Harith started playing songs on the violin and for half to one hour, both Jonathan and I were enjoying the music coming out of the music room.

Then we did a duet.  And the prince wanted in on the action.

Here ... we are getting ready to bow...

But I can't play the violin so it was just squeaky sound.  It's hard to hold his hand and the violin on the left.  But I did rest the violin on Jonathan's shoulder just to give him a feel.

Then, we tried the uke.

As you can see, he was smiling more while playing the violin.  Maybe it was strumming the uke with his fingers that he stopped smiling.  uh oh..pain pain... haha.  Harith said cos he didn't have to do much work bowing. haha

Obviously he chose the violin as the preferred musical instrument :)

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