Thursday, July 08, 2010


I'm under house detention.

This comes whenever I mention "SCHOOL".

Whether any conversation is related to Jonathan or not, as long as the word "SCHOOL" is mentioned, it sets off an alarm and then I'm placed under arrest.

I.E.  No going out.  Well...I can still go but one of us has to stay home with the prince and most of the time it will be moi.

He was all ok this morning to go downstairs for a walk until my girlfriend called.  We talked about sending our children to school and the sensitive-ear-detective heard it and there!

I'm being "punished"  haha.  It was the same during that week of disturbed sleep.  He just refuses to go out even for a stroll.

But come to think of it, he's actually putting himself under house detention!  LOL! a compensation, Jonathan slept well again last night, of which I'm thankful for.   We woke up almost 12 noon today.  It's funny when you have the whole week of waking hours in the night, you take the same amount of time or sometimes longer to recover from that.

At least I could spend some time with Harith watching football this morning (Germany vs Spain).  A boring game actually haha.

At least one of us can do errands :)

So it's official ... "SCHOOL" is not allowed to be spoken at home.....

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