Thursday, July 01, 2010


I have a brand new toy.  The PAZZLE INSPIRATION.  Thanks to for giving me such a great machine at a GREAT! price.

I experimented with it today and succeeded in cutting out letters and numbers.

I got the Pazzle from Valerie (SnC) on 23rd June but didn't get to use it till now.

Comes with cutting mat backing, manuals, installation program and one blade.

Today I had some time and because I needed to try out something for Jonathan's teacher, it was time to take it out from the box.

The Pazzle software by far is easy to use.  I know how to work on Adobe Illustrator CS3 so this program is kinda like the AI.  And also because I have a cutting machine for my tshirts, it was easy to handle from here.

So I created a few words and numbers and sent for cutting.

The finished cut.  Today, I used a medium weight cardstock and it cut out perfectly.  Love the results.

I still haven't tried the more advanced tools and functions, like uploading my own graphics and cutting them out.  But in the meantime, I'm very happy with this results.

It follows almost whatever true type fonts I have on my computer.  But cannot cut chinese words.  That doesn't matter.  Will probably experiment it with that later on and see if I can link it with Adobe Illustrator.

But for now, just starting to use it, I should say I'm happy with the Pazzles.

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