Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I still owed my friend 2 more birthday cards that I promised to give her in June.  But we didn't get to meet.

Thank God she reminded a few days ago because their birthdays are in August and September!  Man...I'm not good at prioritizing!

So here are the cards I finished.  I used my Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter.  I'm only featuring 2 because the third one is for my friend whose birthday is in November and when I mailed the cards to her today, I sealed her card and marked on the envelope (can't remember exactly what I wrote hee hee) : "TO BE OPENED BY CELL GROUP MEMBERS WHEN THEY SIGN/WRITE ON THE CARD FOR MABEL'S BIRTHDAY. MABEL IS NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE THE CARD UNTIL NOVEMBER."  haahaha  (Sorry Mabel).

In the Pazzles work page, I put a small letter E below another circle and weld them together at the top creating this effect.  So the top is joined.

Notice that the letters are double-layered.  The first set in purple are original size.  Through Pazzles, I could create another path around the original sized letters to make another set letters 0.03cm larger.  Then I split the text and cut them out separately, the larger letters I used grey cardstock.  Pasted them together and they have the layered effect.  I used sticky foam to give make them look 3-D.
Note:  If you manually enlarge the letters, they don't fit perfectly.

I always have a hard time matching papers.  This last card took me a while to decide what to use.

The name ESTHER was cut out from the Happy Birthday patterned paper.  But it felt "empty" even with the backing insert.  So I decided to cut out the name again on the yellow textured cardstock and inserted them into the cut out words.  The orange wavy trimming is from Doodlebugs.

This is what I did to "insert" the yellow ESTHER into the cut out words.  Actually pasted them onto the insert.

Feeling "empty" again, I decided to cut out some "gifts" from another pattern paper and pasted them inside the card.
Note:  All the pattern papers and single color cardstock used here are either from SEI or American Craft.

I'm actually quite happy with the outcome.  The Pazzles have some functions that are quite similar to the Adobe Illustrator and with Pazzles, I learned to to adopt the same method of some of the functions into my Illustrator work and vice versa.

Come November then I'll show you what I did for Mabel's card.

Thanks for dropping by!


SCRAP-n-CROP said...

serene, they are so cool!!!! glad you love the pazzles!!!! hugs!

Serene Ho said...

You know why? It's because you gave me such a good deal for the Pazzles that was within my budget! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's not fair! Can't wait till November lah.....

Thanks for putting in so much effort to make these lovely cards. I'm sure they would love them.

Thanks a million, dear.


penelope gan said...

looking good serene.
am sure you'll come out with more great stuff - can't wait to see.
take care jie jie and hugs to all!