Monday, July 05, 2010


Remember this post and the partially hidden romper that I printed for a friend?

I'm happy that Rachel has gotten them from last!  I really hope her kids can wear them.

Here's what I did for them:

Rachel had just given birth to a son, Samuel.  I couldn't resist adding the last sentence haha.

I couldn't print a romper for Samuel and leave his brother and sister out.

And while Valerie was here in Singapore, I decided to give her kids a young volunteer tshirts:

While my sister and her family were still vacationing here in June; my niece, Samantha, wanted a I HEART SINGAPORE shirt.  They saw one at Chinatown but the design was I HEART SG.  And of course each time she wears that shirt, she will have to answer this question : "What is SG?"  haha.  They ended up not buying it.

So who else to print one for Samantha but her Auntie Bie!  haha.

And while I was in the I HEART SINGAPORE mood, I printed some coasters for Sally to bring home.  I think I'll also print some for my other sister, Arina, who lives in Memphis (should have done that while she was here for the week...)

And just last week, got an email from Sally to help design something for Samantha's best friend who was leaving Knoxville for Chicago.

This is what I came up with and printed for her:

I found the phrase about the stars and it was really appropriate.  It's sad that her best friend is leaving but I hope she'll like this design.  I also put the "SS" on the front as crest.

I've made a card to accompany the gift.  It was made using the Pazzle Inspiration Creative Cutter.   I'm enjoying the machine and the design process.  Will journal about it another day.

Thanks for dropping by  :)

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Wishful Thinking said...

The shirts are just lovely Serene. Maddison is especially taken with her since it has a little girl AND a ladybug on it! :-) heheee She really wanted to wear it last night to bed, but I told her she had to wait because I'd washed it and it was still wet. I think she will be asking for it when she gets home from school today!! I will blog a pic of them all wearing them soon (Samuel's will be a bit long for him, but you'll get the idea hehee). Thanks so much.
Hugs R