Saturday, July 10, 2010


I must admit, I'm not a "sewing" person.  My 2nd sister, came back for a visit from USA and during that one week she was here (last week of June), she offered to sew Jonathan a new set of curtains.

And so said my ta jie to me:"It's either you do it now, or you have to pay for a new set or wait for another 2 years for er jie to come back."  haahaha

I took the measurements, told her how many pleats and still got it wrong..haha.  You can see why at the end of this post.

We went to Joo Chia Complex to buy the curtain materials.  Alot of materials to choose from but I just couldn't find anything suitable for young teens until I saw this.'s more for a kid but doesn't matter.  I would love to have this if I had my own room...haha.  Cost of material (for approx 7 yards) SGD30.  Heavy cotton/canvas type.

My 2nd sister is the one who actually sews curtains.  She did the measuring and cutting and on request from my ta jie (1st sister), she let my ta jie sew the curtains.

Good job on the workmanship.

The seamstress my er jie (right) and her apprentice ta jie (left)

One side up

Both sides now
You can see why I said I'm not good at sewing.  I think each side should have 2 more pleats.  So instead of 15 pleats, I told my sister 13 pleats.  But it doesn't matter.  Still covers the whole window.

And for the record, they did the job in 4 hours or less!  Amazing!

Thanks Aunty Arina and Aunty Emmy!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful curtains. Thank God for sisters!