Monday, July 05, 2010


Further to my PAZZLE post HERE, this is the card that was totally made using the Pazzle Inspiration.  It's to accompany the gift that my niece is giving to her friend.  This morning, it left for USA with the tshirts that I printed HERE.

Used Bazzill dark green cardstock and DCWV glitter pattern paper and organza ribbons.  That's all!

The Pazzle did all the cutting for me.  All I need to do was draw 2 circles in the software, link one end and weld (merge/join) the ends so they become linked and come out like this:

Then I did the fonts and mirrored one of the S-ses and cut it out on the green cardstock.  For the name SOPHIA, I used the glitter pattern paper.

Now...I don't have to buy alpha stickers anymore.  I can use whatever font I want that is "cuttable".

Soon I will explore into more difficult details to make my remaining birthday cards and 5 bookmarks!

The only drawback is that the Pazzle makes squishy noises when cutting that when I work near Jonathan, he keeps turning to look where the sound is coming from.  It can be quite loud sometimes...haha

But, so far, i still love the machine!

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